Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays Evenings Mornings

Last Sunday was a pain in my ass. Actually, it was a pain on my ankle. 2 cactus thorns got stuck on my foot when I accidentally stepped on a cactus which once towered our hideous garden. Since the thorns were on an uncomfortable-to-reach area, I had to ask my mom to remove them. The thorns got stuck deep that my mom had to scrape/cut some layers of my skin to remove them. Good thing my foot's skin is thick.

Today is a cars show day at Pasay City but we missed attending it. We were expecting guests for a cooking demonstration at lunch time and they missed it the last minute. If only we were informed earlier, we could have rescheduled the cooking demonstration so as to be able to attend the car show. What a waste. Good thing there was free food.

Last Friday, we celebrated the anniversary of one of my orgs.It was the same day as the National Convention at Baguio of another one of my orgs. I had to choose attending the former since I had committed to it first, I knew I'd enjoy on it more, and I'd spend on it less. But I really wanted to go to the latter since I also had to run some errands near where the Convention was held. But it has all been done and my only regret was that I lost the contest I joined in the anniversary celebration because I didn't prepare that much. Good thing there was booze after!

After the anniversary celebration last friday, I and my good, smart, quiet, weird and new friends headed straight to one of the locally renown beer house(I'm not sure what to call it) near the vicinity. Because everybody missed everybody else, everyone else was talking. And since almost everyone was, soon after, under the influence of alcohol, stories were getting interesting and conversations were growing intense. I just listened though I got bored somewhere in between when my mouth ceased to spell out some words. Good thing I had something to play with.

The rest of the week's been a fun affair for me. One morning, I was helping a friend look for a place to move in to when we came upon this peculiar all-girls boarding house. We were having a tour on the said boarding house when a guy went out on one of the "many" rooms. A few moments after that a girl with a wide smile or a weird grin came out of the same room. Now that's an interesting all-girls boarding house!
Another morning, I was in one tambayan when i was supposed to be in class. I was late in class and since it was class policy that late comers shouldn't be allowed to enter the class room, I just called it a day and decided not to attend class, which I actually enjoyed doing specially in the past.
Another morning, I was off to go home with my good friend.
Good thing!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Stuff

Thoughts keep racing through my head as I ran through notifications on my different social net working accounts.

Manny Pacquiao just won another title in boxing and I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to watch the live telecast because we aren't subscribed to any cable company, the delayed telecast because we were busy attending an exhibit at Pasay, and a replay because not one(or so I think) among the stations our T.V. antenna could receive did a telecast. I really want to see why people with access to the live telecast at the exhibit a while ago were shouting and cheering or jeering.

We were arranging a rock pile in our fishpond for our pet turtle to rest on when i found out that one(or two) of 3 of my brother's newly bought fish had its(their) head(s)'s bitten of by another fish and I had to rescue,remove and relocate the other(last) one which already had two big carnivore-fish bite on its side; something similar to the slice my mom usually makes on a tilapia before she would fry it. I'm really hoping it could survive to grow big enough and have its revenge on the culprit.

The reason we missed the Pacquiao-Cotto match was because we attended the Philconstruct expo, an exhibit of different construction materials for interior design, structural, and mining work. We went there because we were looking for cheap stuff my brother could add up to the lumber and hardware store my father is setting up for him. I felt a bit jealous and irritated because I actually planned that to be my business in the near future. But anyway, I'd be very glad for my brother to be a part of a business that would be in line with my dream profession. I'm really hoping for his success.

At the exhibit, I fell in love. Fell in love with a truck, a ten wheeler dump truck! I dream that in the future, I'd have a ready-mix-cement plant, a fleet of dump trucks, and a hollow block factory. For now, grades and attitude pull me far from that dream. I need a personality change!

I've been searching for a text book that, at the famous local bookstore, costs more than 10k. I've tried to search it on the internet and so far, the cheapest way I could procure it is if I know someone in Europe, who plans to go back to the Philippines in a week, and ask him to buy the book for me.

Yesterday, one of my dad's office staff brought her daughter to work. As she was introducing her to me, I unconsciously over-smiled in a way my sister described as exaggeratedly cute. Talk about flirting.

Last night, I had a weird dream. I liked the dream. Then again, the dream made me feel empty. I think, it's time I got serious with my life, and,,, my love life!(Ew. haha)

A while ago, I was thinking of a song the title of which I do not know but the lyrics I slightly recall. When I was about to search for the song, I forgot the lyrics. Sigh.

Last Thursday, we were at school waiting for some people when my good friend began teasing me on an account of a misinterpreted deed. I felt annoyed and didn't want to talk. Later that night, as we were drinking our lives to unconsciousness, this good friend of mine began crying into self destruction for a reason I can't really comprehend. I tried to comfort her. I'm still annoyed.

Tomorrow is gonna be a new day for me. I can't wait for the new things to happen. Hopefully, there would be some to amuse me.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ang boring na buhay ng taong nagngangalang ako

Matagalan mo kaya ito?

Maghapon lang kami sa bahay kanina. Ayaw nilang umalis dahil ayaw nilang gumastos. Gusto kong umalis dahil napakaboring nga naman sa bahay kunsaan kundi T.V. ang kausap ay ang Computer. Gusto ko sanang mamasyal. Bilang na ang mga araw na ako'y magiging malaya sa problema at mga responsibilidad kaya't habang maaga'y gusto kong gumala, lumibot, magliwaliw. Lalu na't minsan lamang sa isandaang taon nawawalan ng ginagawa ang lahat sa pamilya. Minsan lamang sa isanlibong taon yung dalawang araw magkasunod na walang gagawin, sa opisina man, sa bahay o sa skwelahan. At minsan lamang sa ilang libong taon yung magyayaya ako na mamasyal at lahat ay gustong sumama. Ako lang madalas.
Kaya't heto, maghapon na nanunuod ng T.V. o nagko-computer, o kumakain, o natutulog.
Magpahinga nalang daw muna kami sa bahay. Sabagay, ilang beses nga ba sa isang araw kung kami'y magpagod? magpuyat? magtrabaho? magaral? Magpahinga muna. Kulang pa siguro ang pahinga sa gabi. Magpahinga muna. Kulang pa siguro yung pahinga every 30 minutes sa trabaho. Hay nako!

Gusto kong mamasyal! Gusto kong lumibot! Gusto kong maglakbay. Kailan ba kasi ipinagbawal ang hindi pag-gastos sa tuwing may pupuntahan? Hay nako!

Nakadikit na ang mga puwit nila sa upuan,
ang mga likod nila sa kama,
ang mga mata nila sa T.V.
ang mga bibig nila sa kutsara

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Was it bad that when I tried to move on, I left you behind?
Was it good that when I tried to move on, I still felt the same?
Was it evil that as I was moving on, I was looking for someone new?
Was it?

S 4 C

Spacing out in my room as I think of things that could've been
As I reminisce the things that have gone
As I dream of a future as I see
As I wish of something that could be, maybe

Nothing is impossible if one would try
Nothing is unreachable if one would strive
Nothing would hold with a will that's strong,
No mountains, no valleys, no rivers, no time, no space

Brighten up the worsts of day.
Liven up in clouds of gray
Ablaze with passion, aflame with life

Smile at me
Smile with me

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Asar Lang

Sa tambayan, iniinterview ni Boy si Girl. May sumasabat na isa pang Girl.
Tahimik lang(Sa isip ko:"Shut Up!!"). Pero teka, bakit ako magko-comment? Di na tayo close di ba? (bitterness. haha) Tahimik lang ako. Patience... kundi baka sinapak na kita. Nasaktan pa sana ako ng matalim mong panga. Buti nalang!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Simple lang naman ang gusto ko
Ang makinig ka sa sinasabi ko
Simple lang naman ang gusto ko
Ang tuparin mo ang pinapangako mo
Simple lang naman ang gusto ko
Ang panindigan mo ang mga prinsipyo mo
Simple lang ang gusto ko
Ang isipin mo ang sarili mo
Simple lang naman ang gusto ko
Ang mahalin mo ang ginagawa mo
Simple lang naman ang gusto ko
Ang gawin mo ang lahat ng makakaya mo
Simple lang.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lasing nanaman XP

Confused with what I feel and what I shouldn't, 
what I think and what I couldn't,
what I'd say and what I wouldn't.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Huling El Bimbo

This is a delayed blog which I was supposed to post some weeks ago.

We were going back to the DMST complex from Q.C. Memorial Circle when my friend texted me. It was past 4 then when she asked me where I was. Right, tonight will be the Eraserheads concert and we're(me, Anj, Fergie and Carlo) gonna watch. Almost 2 hours before our scheduled departure and I'm still reluctant to come for some reasons. First, I'm really not into Eraserheads. Sure they're famous if not legendary, but I really can't convince my self why they should be. Second, I already want to go home to Pampanga. If it wasn't for Fergie who already bought the tickets 5 days ago, I wouldn,t have committed to coming. It's too late to back out so what the heck! A night with my good friends should be better than just idling on my bed at home(though i could really use some rest). After resting from the tiring CWTS training and cleaning up a bit, I went to Ipil residence hall to meet them all. After some time when we were complete, we went to the MRT station and headed to M.O.A. An hour's worth of travelling standing has made my leg's a bit sore so I felt relaxed (is this the right term?) when we got off the transit and were seated at the jeepney to the mall. Despite the daughter of mykatabi nakakandong sa paa ko, I was glad that I was now seated. By the time we arrived at the concert grounds (or field), all the good spots were already taken.(or so we thought) Because our money could only afford the general ad pass, we were positioned at the farthest space the enclosed field accommodated so we only depended on the LCD projections of the show. What we later realised was that the best spot to stay in on the space of the field allotted for us was the backmost part of the field where all the LCD projections were visible and all the air we wanted was available. No one had to push anyone so they could pass. No one had to stand on toes to see what the LCD showed. Everything was visible. The show actually started a few minutes before we found the spot so we missed some good parts from what was showed by the LCD projectors. Anyway, we were on a better part so we just enjoyed every bit.

The show started with an AVP featuring interviews with the band members care of MTV Philippines. Then came the start of the concert; something that of which failed to mesmerize me. The beginning was a bit lagging, lacking on impact that I thought “ito na ba yun?” disappointed. Soon, every band member was given a chance to sing. One thing I won’t forget is Marcus singing “Huwag Mo nang Itanong” in a reggae-like fashion. As the show went on, my disappointment was turning to admiration. I was beginning to get entranced by their music. After about ten songs, there was a break. I thought it should last about 15 minutes because shows usually don’t set long breaks especially when it’s getting a bit climactic. During the break, advertisements from the main sponsors were aired on the projectors. 15 minutes have passed; they’re still playing the advertisements. 20 minutes and the advertisements have been repeatedly played for more than 5 times. I was getting impatient and irritated at the advertisements because at that point, they were played for the nth time! Others got busy buying food and stuff while my friends were enjoying “carrying and picture taking” time which took my attention for one moment and eased me of my irritation. After a few more minutes, the show continued. At one point, Superproxy and Kaleidoscope World were sung in tribute of the late Francis M. who recently passed away. Chills ran through the back of my neck as Ely shouted “Francis! Francis! Francis!” and was enjoined by the crowd. After each song that followed the tribute, the feeling was becoming intense. The crowd was singing and the others were jumping. Soon, the show had to end, so for the grand finale, “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, probably their most famous song was sung. The energy was so high that I can’t accept that the show was to end. And to end everything, there was a fireworks display at the opposite end of the field. Everything was astig that I was wishing there would be another concert. The performers all have left the stage and we were getting out of the field and into the mall. Then we heard someone ask “bitin ba?” in the microphone. At first I thought it was a joke. Then I realized people were rushing back into the field as Ely announced they’d be singing three more “for the road”  We then just settled beside the stage as they sang their three last songs. People were again jumping and we could feel the intensity because the ground was literally shaking as if a magnitude 4 earthquake was occurring. Then, it was the end. We went to the mall to find a place to have our dinner though it was already around midnight. We chose Don Henrico’s because we all agree on pasta and pizza and we have always planned dining there and we thought it was the fastest, etc. To our disappointment, it took about 20 minutes for our drinks to be served and another ten minutes for our pasta and pizza. The biggest let down was that two of us ordered iced tea (mine bottomless) but they ran out of ice so our iced tea were just normal tea with a dash of honey and citrus. Sigh. Still, we were gracious for the meal. Soon it was time to go home. Past midnight and many people were waiting for the city buses heading to wherever they’re headed. We waited for a bus that was headed to Fairview. All the buses were full but we were lucky to be chanced by one that has just about ten passengers. We were seated! The ride from the mall to Philcoa took 40+ minutes. Everyone was drowsy and tired so we slept at the trip, but I tried to wake up every once in a while to make sure we haven’t gone past Philcoa. Upon arrival at our house, I didn't feel tired. It was I think 2:00am and I was planning to leave for Pampanga at 3:30 but for a friend who slept over, I stayed till she would be able to go back to her dorm. I think I was able to sleep for at least an hour and that was all the rest I needed to be able to go to the bus terminal for a bus ride home.

Looking back at what happened, I felt glad that I pushed myself to come to the concert. No rest could fill the energy I felt during and after the concert. 3 days and I was still mesmerized and in awe. Now, I’m really into Eraserheads and I could say that they’re LEGENDARY!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Anung dapat kong gawin kung sa bawat araw ikaw ang _______
Kung sa bawat oras ikaw ang _____
Kung sa bawat tanung ko'y sagot mo'y _______
Kung sa bawat nakikita ka, buhay ko'y _______
Kung sa bawat kausap kita'y lagi na lang akong _______
At sa tuwing kapiling kita'y _______ ang nadarama.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm still mesmerized by the music, by the night.
Sayang talaga't ngayon ko lang nagustuhan.
Ngayong di na pwedeng magbalik.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hail Drunkards

Hours before my exam at U.P. H.I., I was reminiscing some drunk time with a few new friends.

Watching a show at ABS-CBN while browsing at my favorite web sites, an entry from a good friend caught my attention. It was a blog which I didn't pretty much bother to comprehend until I came across a narration of sort about that night we spent with Ate Leni, Kuya Mike, Marky and Carlos. It was only a short statement but it seemingly sent my mind flashing back to that 4 hours of drunk spiritedness. 
It was a wednesday night filled with emotions and stuff. After dinner at Technohub care of Ferg, we went to a "famous" videoke bar somewhere at KNL heights; me and Anj. They were already there; Ate Leni, Kuya Mike, Marky, and Carlos. They've already had some bottles and were talking about somethings. I only had a bottle when I started feeling tipsy.Still Still, Carlos was able to persuade me on taking another bottle. Soon, everyone was bombarding anyone else a few intriguing questions. Then came an issue on sexuality brought up by one of them. Obviuosly, most of us were getting drunk because their arguement on the issue was getting someplace nowhere near sensible. Even an innocent cockroach passing by failed to escape the wrath of what was supposedly an arguement between 4 people. Everything was getting hilarious until beer stopped being served and the conversant were getting weary. We then decided to while away our tipsiness somwhere at Philcoa. 
We ordered some Batchoy, fries, and chicken. At some point, things were getting messy. Someone spilled one of the bowls of batchoy and ruined another by mixing it with a spoon filled with ketchup. Hilarious I say!
It's these times that problems are somehow whiled away by drinking; problems that are actually argued with less sensibility when analysis is overcomed by emotions and stuff. At that moment, my head was filled with nothing except the moment. Carlos getting weirdly uncomposed, ate Leni and Marky eating their one piece chicken meal, anj sipping her bowl of soup, and me, munching on some fries and laughing while looking at my side and feeling my head getting heavier. 

I looked at the time and decided, it's time to review some more. 3 more hours before the exam!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kutserong Walang Ulo

Pag sapit ng gabi’y malakas iihip ang hangin. May mapapadaan na kalesa. Sa una’y mabilis ang tunog ng mga paa ng kabayo. Kapag natapat na ang kalesa sa bahay ay unti-unti itong babagal. Huwag kang dudungaw sa bintana kundi’y makikita mo ang isang kutserong walang ulo at hindi siya aalis sa tapat ng inyong bahay magdamag. Paulit ulit siyang dadaan sa tapat ng inyong bahay at hindi ka nito lulubayan. Ito ang kuwento ng kutserong walang ulo.

            Noong panahon raw ng gera, may isang masipag na kutsero na magdamag ay namamasada upang maitaguyod ang kaniyang pamilya. Buntis kasi ang kanyang asawa sa mga panahong iyon kaya’t kinailangan niyang magtrabah hanggang gabi para sa kanilang bagong magiging anak. Isang gabi, habang siya’y namamasada, kinailangang isugod na ang kanyang asawa sa ospital dahil manganganak na ito. Naibalita sa kanya ito ng kapwa niya kutsero na nakasalubong niya sa kanyang pamamasada. Sa sobrang kasiyaha’y iniwan niya ang kanyang pasahero upang ka’gad dumiretso sa ospital. Hindi ito nagustuhan ng kanyang pasahero na isang sundalong banyaga. Dahil dito’y binaril at pinugutan ng ulo ng sundalo ang kutsero. Mula noo’y gabi gabi nang nakakarinig ang mga tao sa kalyeng iyon ng kalesang humahangos. At kung mapapatyempo’y nagpapakita ang kutserong walang ulo.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mario sa Makiling

Narito ang ilan sa mga bagay na hindi ko malilimutan sa aming camping.

Mario: yan ang binansag sa’kin ng mga kaklase ko sa Mil. Sci. Integ. dahil sa aking pulang sombrero na suot nung kami’y nagte-trekking sa Mt. Makiling. Medyo pabibo ako nun kaya napagdiskitahan ako ni Ariane at sinabing ako daw si Mario ng Mario bros. Mangyari din kasi na ang buddy ko sa trekking na si Carlo ay nakagreen, medyo payat at medyo matangkad sa akin. So parang Mario Bros. daw kami. Si Ariane ang group leader namin. M.E. major. Isang bully na babae na umubos ng mansanas ko. Siya ang nakasira nung emergency lamp ko. Dito nakuha ang quote na “some things are meant to be broken” Siya rin ang cook ng grupo. Si Carlo naman ay isang frat man na Socio major. Kasama ni Ted, kami ang mga nagga-gaguhan sa trekking. Napauso naming ang “mag-ingat sa tinik” sa trail. Hindi ko alam kung pa’no nagsimula yun at kung literal lang ang ibig sabihin nun basta habang nagte-trek, wala kaming tigil sa pagsabi nung mga katagang iyon sa aming mga kasama. Si Ted naman ay kapwa ko C.E. Major. Siya ang negosyante sa grupo. Nagpapa-load kasi siya kaya iyon. Nili-link siya kay Krisel dahil madalas niya siyang samahan. Si Krisel ang photographer ng grupo. Siya lang kasi ang nagdala ng camera. Hindi na niya natapos ang camp dahil kinailangan niyang makabalik ka’gad ng U.P. para mag-exam. Kaibigan niya si Sharlene. Si Sharlene ang assistant ni Ariane. Sa pagha-handa ng pagkain, siya at si Emerald madalas ang tumutulong kay Ariane. Sila rin ang tagasaing. Si Emerald naman ay Pol. Sci. major na katulong din ni Ariane sa pagluluto. Binansagan siyang asexual nila Gelo at Ariane dahil ayaw nitong mag-share sa kanyang love life. Si Gelo naman na Math Major ang entertainer ng grupo. Siya ang nagdala ng cards na nagagamit ng grupo tuwing turtle time na idle time na nag-ugat sa lack of punctuality ng mga organizers. Siya ang nagpasimula ng kung anu-anong kalokohan at pagkapasaway sa trekking na kanyang tinawag na Gelo in the Jungle. Siya ang buddy ni Law. Si Law ang pinakatahimik sa mga lalaki. Napagalaman namin dahil kay John ang mga sikreto ng kanyang tickler(tama ba spelling?) kung saan sumusulat siya ng mga tula at kung anu-ano. Siya ang sumiko kay John ng aksidenteng mabasa niya ang nasabing tickler. Dito nagugat ang quote na “life is a tickler” Si John na Psychology Major ang nagpasimuno ng madramang kuwentuhan nung ikalawang gabi ng camp. Siya ang pumiga ng mga kuwento ukol sa buhay buhay ng miyembro ng grupo.

Ito ang group Integ; masaya, pasaway, at matatag!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Time

The first time I fell in love was long ago.
I didn't know how to give my
love at all.
The next time I settled for what felt so close.
But without
romance, you're never gonna fall.
After everything I've learned;
Now it's finally my turn.
This is the last time I'll
fall... in love.
The first time we walked under that starry
there was a moment when everything was clear.
I didn't need to ask or even
wonder why, because each question is answered when your near.
and I'm wise enough to know when a
miracle unfolds, this is the last time i'll fall in love.
Now don't
hold back, just let me know.
Could i be moving much too fast or way too slow.
'Cause all of my life, I've waited for this day.
To find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I'll never be the same.
You'll never know what it's taken me to say these words.
And now that I've said them, they could never be enough.
As far as I can see, there's only you and only me.

This is the last time I'll fall in love.
Last time i'll fall in love.
The last time i'll fall... in love.

I'm hooked with this song ever since ever. I don't know why. probably it's because of you. probably it's because of me.

Camping sa Mt. Makiling

Day 1

Sinimulan ang araw ko ng isang haggard na exam. Exam naming sa G.E. 12. At dahil nag-cram ako sa pagre-review kagabi, kulang ako sa tulog. The whole day went just fine. Nothing unexpected na nangyari. Nariyan yung mga reminders ni Arriane, pangungumusta ni Carlo dun sa assigned na task samin, at pagkulit ko sa nanay ko na payagan akong magpalaundry sa Laundromat. Nag-grocery ako katapos ng aking exam dahil camping na mamaya at kulang pa rin ang aking mga dadalhin. Nakaplano na ang aking maghapon. Papatulong pa dapat ako sa kay Ferg na mag-grocery kaso 2:30 pa dismissal niya at masisira ang sched ko kung hihintayin ko pa siya. Di ko rin naman sigurado kung ok lang sakanya na tulungan ako.

Sa aking pago-grocery, pinilit kong alalahanin ang lahat ng kailangan kong bilhin. Nawala ko kasi yung listahan ko kaya nangangapa ako sa mga dapat kong bilhin. At dahil nga doon, umabot ng mahigit 2k ang bill ko para sa foods at mga kagamitang kakailanganin ko para sa isang 2-day-2-night camping sa Mt. Makiling.

2:30 na at on schedule pa rin ako. Nagayos ng gamit at nagbihis. Magsi-six pm na nnag makarating ako sa DMST complex kung saan naghihintay ang ibang magka-camp.  Nagkaproblema pa kasi ako dun sa 5-gal na tubig na binili ko dahil sinisingil ako ng 250 pesos para dun at 500 nalang ang allowance ko for the coming days.

Sa bus, masaya ang lahat. Ako, nakadungaw sa bintana. I’m into the scenery outside though it was dark and everything was moving at a fast pace. Yung mga groupmates ko, they were playing unguy-unguyan, a game which barely caught my interest. Mayamaya, tumugtog ang kantang The Day You Said Goodnigh ng Hale. Nakakatuwa kasi sometime ago, people were busy chit-chatting nang silang lahat ay napatigil at napakanta. “to be, is all I got to be…..” back to work. Napaginteresan kong guluhin yung mga groupmates ko na nagca-card games. Lumipas muli ang oras, ako’y nakadungaw sa bintana. Nasa U.P. L.B. na kami. Ayos na ng mga gamit kadating sa camp site.

Kami ni Ted ang naasign na magset-up ng tent. Pareho daw kaming C.E. majors kaya kami daw magtayo ng tent. Gutom na kaya’t naglabas na sila ng mga tinapy at chips. Malapit lang pala yung tent nila Trish samin kaya madali ko siyang napupuntahan para hingan ng kung anu-ano.

Ayus-ayos ng mga gamit, mga damit, mga puwesto, at mga kakainin bukas. Sila Arriane, Sha, Sel, at Em ang nag-budget ng meals for the next 48 hours.

Magt-trekking daw kami bukas kaya’t kelangan ng energy and rest.

6 kami sa isang tent. Maluwang siguro kung wala ang mga braso’t balikat naming. So basically sardines kami doon. Medyo mainit din sa loob dahil nga siksikan kami. Maya maya pa’y lumamig na ng kaunti. Past 1 na ng makatulog ako. Past 3 naman ng magising ako. Kamusta naman yun.

 Day 2

Naligo ako at 3:45 am. Nasa kabundukan nga pala kami kaya ang tubig mula dun sa faucet ay mainit ng kaunti relative sa tubig sa Baguio. Ok lang, sanay na ako. Malamig! 5:00 nagsimulang magsibangon ang mga tao at magluto sila Arriane. Bugnot ang cook/leader dahil ang menu ay maling/meat loaf at walang nagdala ng kawaling pagpiprituhan. Sila Em naman at Sha, pino-problema ang kaning matakaw sa tubig. Madilim pa nang mga oras na ‘yon kaya’t may mga tagahawak at tagatutok ng flashlight sa mga nagluluto; kami iyon. Wala pa mang 12 hours at nami-miss ko na ang araw. Nakakasawang nangangapa sa dilim! Haha.

Ilang oras ang lumipas at naghanda na kami para sa trekking. Wala akong ideya sa mga slopes na dadaanan naming kaya’t cool lang. Chill ika nga. Maya maya pa’y nakarating na kami sa trekking site. Isang approx 75 degree slop na may taas na katumbas o higit pa sa taas ng Palma Hall ang naghihintay sa first stretch ng trekking. Exciting! The whole trip to the rappelling station was tense. May mga part na super nakakadulas. Ang bundok na tinahak naming ay gawa sa putik at mamasa masa kaya what do you expect? Kailangan talgang kumapit sa kung ano’ng pwedeng kapitan. Dalwang oras din kaming naglalakad sa muddy trail bago narating ang rappelling cliff. Madaming nakapila kaya naghintay kami ng higit kumulang isang oras. Lunch time! Tense pa rin ang mga tao sa grupo. Kaunting card games at minutes of fame. Kami na ang magrarappell. Hindi ko inexpect na mababa lang pala yung cliff na bababaan pero mabato. Boring pero exciting! Matapos ang rappelling a nag-trek ulit. I hour nalang at nakabalik na kami sa camp. Naging exhausting ang magahpon kaya’t relax nalang sa mga sumunod na oras. Antik invasion kaya linis muna kami ng tent. Pagpag dito, pagpag doon. After kumain at maligo’y natulog muna ang ilan, kasama ako. Magaalas kwatro palang kasi at ang next activity ay mamaya pang seven. At dahil punctual naman nga ang mga tao’y inexpect na naming na 8 na mags-start ang next activity. Magaalas sais na nag magsimula kaming maghanda for dinner. Sila Ted at John ay nag-attend dun sa session on knot tying para sa Navigation activity kinabukasan. Ako naman, naghiwa ng kung anu-ano para sa aming super corned beef dinner. Yung iba, may kanya kanyang buhay. Dinner time. Medyo nagdilim na kaya may taga-ilaw habang kumakain ang iba. Ang aking charge-by-induction emergency lamp, nasira na kaya ayun, mga flashlight nalang ginagamit. Some things were meant to be broken. Si Arriane, nakahiram ng isang malaking flashlight mula sa isang lalaking di man pala niya kilala. Adik. Siya pala nakasira nung emergency lamp ko. Haha.

Nagsimula na yung activity na singing contest. Hindi na kami sumali dahil nag-enjoy kami sa pgku-kuwentuhan tungkol sa aming mga buhay buhay. Parang question and answer portion lang. Naghalungkatan ng kung anu-anong drama sa buhay. Sinimulan ni John sa tanong na “who is your first love?” Na-weirdohan lang ako sa tanong kasi parang wala akong ganong pakialam sa mga taong di ko kaanu-ano. Maya maya pa’y naging seryoso na ang mga tanong. Life is a tickler. Buti nalang at magaan lang yung mga naging tanong sakin. Sa kabuuan, enjoy yung maghapon at magdamag. Nawala na rin kasi yung tension brought about by some misundaerstanding. Rest time na naming habang nagkakantahan pa yung ibang tao. Sa wakes ay nakatulog din ng maayos. Magaalas dose palang nang makatulog ako. Nagising ako kinabukasan ng 5 am.

 Day 3

Maaga kaming nag-ayos. Navigation daw ang next activity which would commence at nine am. Maaga dapat kaming matapos magbreafast. May exam pa kasi si Sel at susunduin siya anytime soon. Sakanya yung isang tent at kailangan na niyang isama pauwi kaya pagkabangon ng mga tao’y kinalas na naming ni Ted. Ligo ng kaunti, handa ng mga gamit, at handa na kaming mag-navigation activity. Ako ang naasign na pacer at si Ted ang navigator. Medyo mali yung pace ko at lumagpas kami sa unang station kaya’t si J-lo nalang naging pacer at ako’y paepal nalang. Maya maya pa’y nakarating na kami sa kung saan-saan. Time’s up. May namiss kaming 2 stations at din a umabot sa dalawa pa. Sayang. Sinundan kasi naming yung group nila Trish na mali pala ang pinuntahan. Maya maya, sila na ang sumusunod sa’min kaya namali din sila. Loser.

Nakabalik na kami ng tent. Naglabas ng mga tinapay at mga cup noodles at kumain ng kaunti. Any time soon, mags-swimming na kami. Kailangan naming i-cross ang isang 30m wide na pool. Isang balikan. Part daw siya ng practicals to test how long we would last pag nagkataong may ililigtas daw kaming nalulunod. Hindi lahat sa grupo ay nakakalangoy kaya kailangan namin silang i-save. Kung ano man daw grade ng saver, minus twenty dun sa ise-save. Sinwerte ako dahil hindi agad bumigay ang legs at lungs ko at natapos ko yung 60m swim nang hindi pinapawisan(duh! Haha) Lahat naman ng lumangoy sa grupo naming ay natapos. Nagkaroon lang ng kaunting problema dun sa kay Ted pero naayos naman.

Uwian na! Nag-ayos na kami ng mga gamit gamit. Nag-dismantle ng tent, nagipon ng mga kung anu-ano, at nagpulong sa “quadrangle” ng camp site. Awarding pa pala kaya naghintay pa kami roon ng mahigit trenta mminuto.

Nang pasakay na kaming mga magkaka-grupo sa bus, nagkaroon ng problema. Wala na daw space para sa buong grupo naming consisting of nine people na ma-accommodate sa isang bus lang kaya’t kinailangan kaming paghiwa-hiwalayin. Yung 3 sa unang bus. Kaming lima sa isang bus. At si Ted sa isa pang bus. Bad trip na kami ng mga oras na iyon kasi a few minutes ago, maayos na kaming nakaupo sa isa sa mga bus ng bigla kaming pinalipat. Tapos, dun sa bus na sasakyan dapat naming, pinauna pa yung isang group gayung nauna kaming pumila sa kanila. Pinagalitan pa kami nung nagde-decide kami kung sino ang sasakay saan. Pinakanakakainis pa doon, may 5 seats pang bakante yung bus kung saan kami pinasakay. Nakaupo na kami noon at paalis na yung bus ng marealize naming na bakante pa yung limang upuan sa harapan namin. Masyado kasing nagmamadali yung matandang ewan na isa sa mga “bantay” namin sa camp kaya di naging maayos yung ccordination ng mga bus. Pucha!

Stopover sa kung saan-saan.

Pasado alas diyes na ng makarating kami sa Q.C. maga-alas onse na nang makauwi ako.

Hindi na kami nakapagpaalam as a group. Madrama. Haha.

Hindi lahat ng bagay ay nagtatapos ng masaya.

Over all, nagenjoy ako sa camp. Kahit pagod, sulit naman dahil isa ito sa mga experiences ko na maikukuwento ko sa aking mga anak o sa generations na susundan nila. Hopefully.

Go CWTS Integ! The Best! :D

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Alas otso ng umaga.
Naglalakad ako sa may yakal papuntang eng'g.
Kabababa ko lang ng jeep noon.
Medyo bangag pa ako dahil kakatapos ko lang magreview para sa exam, gutom ako, at kulang na naman ang tulog ko.
Interestingly, parang medyo malakas pandinig ko.
May dalawang taong nakaupo sa may shed. Isang lalaki at isang babae.
Naguusap sila.
Boy: Pa-cute ka talaga! (sabay ngiti)
Girl: Ikaw nga e. Tignan mo nga litaw pa gilagid mo sa pagngiti. (hahagik-gik)
B: ikaw nga o, pacute pa tawa mo! (tapos kiniliti yung babae)
May isang estudyante na nairita sa paghaharutan.
Tumingin siya sa dalawa.
Napatigil yung lalaki sa kung anumang ginawa niya.
Bigla nalang nagsalita yung estudyante.
Estudyante: Pa-cute ang ina niyo!
Bigla siyang tumakbo.
Nasa elevator na ako ng Eng'g building nung nagets ko yung sinabi ng estudyante.
Bangag! haha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've found that that of which is of much importance to me has had me going crazy over things I can't control.

Oops I Did It Again

I got the message.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tough 10

I'm much a loner

silently cruising through life

I've never been with that much a people

a rarety it is for me to meet such great people

thus, great importance I give to those few who passed me by my life

Here's a list of the top 10 people I met in U.P. and would always want to meet in the future.


My Miss Mysteria

-Kind and sweet, she’s one of the best persons I’ve ever known. Despite her stubbornness and occasional opportunism, I admire her much more than I admire cars.


Alcohol Allergie-c

-My saviour when my pockets are empty, she’s one of the few people I can share my wavelengths with. She’s the sister I never had though I really don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. Haha.


The D!

-The smallest most unbiased person I’ve ever met. Haha. Her wit, knowledge, and wisdom make her a great leader and a great adviser.


Buddy Brains and Beauty

-The person who helped me become part of my first family in U.P., her ate-attitude, liberated thoughts, and vanity makes for an exciting companion anytime, anywhere.


Tennis Tumbler

-A great drinking buddy with all the smut less videos and rocking alternative music. Plus, he’s good at sliding when playing tennis. Peace! :D


Sleepy Stick

-Most studious salutatorian ever! His deep thoughts are those of which not a humourless person could take.


Lasengga Lady

-Another great drinking buddy. When it comes to being un-innocent, she might as well be my number one. Haha. :D


Tita Momma

-The very person who felt like my mom is now a mom. She’s one of my guiding light when it comes to problems I can’t comprehend.


Korean World

-Her patience has kept me bullying her for years. I can’t live without bullying. :P


C.E. dept. P.R. man

-He is one of the few people who’ve made the Eng Building’s atmosphere a lot more accommodating. His personality is yet to be tested but his familiar aura has always made me feel at home at Eng.

Kudos to all of you! :P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Araw Ng Pusong Pagod(WTF!)

Valentine's Day ng taong dalwang libo't siyam.
Nagkaroon kami ng impromptu na field trip sa fort bonifacio. 
Sabi ni Krisel, isa sa mga kaklase ko, magpupunta daw kami sa army museum doon.
medyo wala ako sa mood dahil hindi ako sanay sa mga biglaang planadong bagay na ganito lalu na't wala pa akong tulog at hindi pa ako nagaalmusal. 
Naisip ko na pwede naman sigurong makatulog sa bus tutal malayu-layo rin ang pupuntahan kaya't medyo ok na ako.
Tapos, ayun nakita ko na ang bus na sasakyan namin. Isang old school army service bus na bukas ang mga bintana
Walang aircon!
at hinid pa doon natapos ang aking disappointment. 30 seater yung bus, at pagkakasyahin kaming 40++ adult size passengers. resourceful kasi ang organizer nung trip.
pinauna kami sa pagsakay at nahuli yung mga officers. sila ang nakatayo.
So, ayun, nakaupo na ako. inisip ko na pwede nang matulog kahit na hanggang sa may ilalim lang ng balikat ang abot ng sandalan.
At dun nagsimula ang kalbaryo.
medyo kaskasero kasi yung driver at wala siyang sinasantong liko kaya somwhere along the trip, sa isang underpass sa may katipunan, gumasgas ang bus sa isang poste. marahil kung wala yung posteng yun ay tumaob na yung bus at nagpagulong-gulong patungo sa kabilang linya. siyempre halos lahat sa mga nakasakay ay ROTC students kaya parang deadma lang yung iba at ang mga CWTS students lang ang mga nagingay at sumigaw. Bilib naman din ako sa driver dahil parang wala lang nangyari. dedma rin. dahil doon, gising ako the whole trip. kinahapunan, nagkaroon pa kami ng swiming training kaya't kauwi ko'y lasing ako sa kapaguran: tipong lasing na mahilu-hilo pero hindi lasing. at ganyan ko pinagdiwang ang araw ng mga puso. ang saya!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Endless Ending

To that person who can't shut the hell up, please shut up!
You're one of the wittiest I know and TRUSTED who simply don't know the term confidential.
It's that big and loud MOUTH that has left me sleepless at night.
It's that obnoxious personality that has got me irrate and impatient. 
Please, SHUT UP! Else, DROP DEAD!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I miss you, you don't me
I think of you, you don't me
I like you, you don't me
what can I say, opposites attract!


someone took something from my wafer stick jar.
I'm not selfish but someone stole sometihng from my wafer stick jar
and I hate it when perople take things from me
especially food
I hate it when people ask for food from me especially when my supply is scarce.
I hate it when people take my food and ask permission doing so afterwards.
I hate it when people just take from my plate or from my wafer stick jar.
I'm not selfish.
I hate it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Dapat nang iwanan ang nakaraan.

Hindi naman sa dapat kalimutan.

Kundi pansamantalang iwanan

Pagkat ang nakaraan ay gumugulo sa ngayon

At ang bukas ay pinipigilan ng kahapon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

kulang lang

Kulang ang aking araw kung sa maghapon ay:

1.      Hindi ako kumain ng junk food

2.      hindi ako nakapaglakad ng mahigit dalawang kilometro ng walang pahinga.

3.      hindi ako bumili ng pananghalian o hapunan sa Alice’s Carinderia

4.      hindi ako naglakad sa may KNL.

5.      hindi ako tinawag sa aking tunay na pangalan.

6.      hindi ako tumambay sa Agu-tambayan.

7.      hindi ako nanlait ng kung sino man.

8.      hindi ko narinig ang humihilik naming kapitbahay.

9.      hindi ako nag-laptop.

10.  hindi ako nagtext.

11.  hindi ako na-late sa kahit alin as mga klase ko.

12.  hindi ako nag-drawing ng kotse o kahit ano pa man.

13.  hindi ko suot ang aking relo’t singsing. At higit sa lahat…

14.  hindi KITA nakita.

Kamusta naman?!

Wala Lang

Palakad-lakad, paikot-ikot.

Titingin sa kawalan, biglang hihinto.

Titingin sa oras, mapapaisip, lalakad muli.


Ilang beses na akong nakaranas ng maiwan sa ere. Yung tipong pagpapalanuhan ang ganito tapos last minute ay biglang magbabago ang isip dahil sa kung anumang palusot.

Madalas mangyari sakin ‘to. Minsan, napapaisip ako bakit lagi nalang ako naiiwan sa ere. Marunong naman akong umintindi ng kung anumang dahilan ngunit minsan talaga’y hindi na makatarungan ang dahilan.

Sayang lang ang oras na inilalaan ko.

Muling maglalakad, paikot-ikot.


Titingin sa langit, titingin sa oras.

Titingin sa kawalan.

Muling maglalakad.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wan Tutri Ownine

I got drunk last night. My friend invited me to drink and I got a bit drunk last night. I can’t control myself and I got drunk last night. I do hope our guest didn’t judge me because I got drunk last night. I wasn’t able to shut my mouth because I got drunk last night. I was saying things and my friends were laughing at me because I got drunk last night. But hey, the joke’s on them though I was drunk last night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Effffing Weird

It was past twelve, I was in our room. the door was open.
I was sitting on my bed facing the open door and typing a report in physics.
All of a sudden, as i was to glimpse at the door, something ,I only recognized with two small legs, passed by the door and went to the opposite room. i fell still for a moment processing what i just saw. 
Thinking it was safe to just ignore the "thing", i continued what i was doing.
Then, as I tried to look at my side, I saw it again walking out of the room. 
I don't know if i was just hallucinating.
Maybe yes, maybe no. 
But now, with our door closed, i don't care anymore.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


mangyaring nauso nang muli ang kabaliwang hatid ng pag-ibig sa aking palibot,
narito't maghandog ako ng isang maikling tulang nagmula sa kunsaan man sa kasuluk-sulukan ng aking muni't puso

Pag-ibig, siyang musika ng puso

‘pag tumama’y isip gulong-gulo

‘pag nariyan na’y  buhay nagbabago

Lahat naloloko maging man tuso

Paraiso Kong Diwa 2

Sa aking diwa, mukha niya’y kaparang anghel

Walang bahid nang kasalanan, walang bahid ng kalokohan.

Wari’y isang banal

Sa aking pandinig tinig niya’y umaawit

Puno ng tamis

Sa aking pandama, balat niya’y walang sinlambot

Bulak sa dalisay

Sa aking pakiramdam, tibok ng kanyang puso’y musika

Ritmong sapak sa kulay

Sa aking diwa, bumubuhay

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold January

Despit all the coldness the this january has brought, I'm all heated up. God knows why. :D