Saturday, August 30, 2008


Everything started a few years ago.
I just transferred to a university somewhere in Baguio.
After a few months spent in an institution embraced by my comforts, I asked my parents to transfer me some place else. I never really saw my future as a priest. I was afraid that my comforts were pulling me back to that institution so I chose to be transferred in a place new to me, a setting away from my familiarities. So, I was transferred to Baguio.
At Baguio, I was greeted by new faces. I was introduced to a new culture. I was exposed to a new atmosphere. I was bombarded with new things and I was enjoying everything. My head was getting filled with things. Most of which were memories; happy ones. I felt the urgency to tell the world how great I feel about my new life. If I would not express those thoughts, I might have exploded inside. That was when my blog life was born.
I am never good at narrating. Every time I tell stories, I get hard-to-explain reactions from my audience. Usually, they get confused because I jumbled the parts of what I’m narrating. I end up searching for the climax of my somewhat uninteresting story, struggling to revive the interest I saw in their eyes when I called their attention to listen to what I had to tell. Hopefully, throughout this blog, I won’t get the same reactions from you. J
My blog life lasted for a year or so. It was a year or so of struggle because I never found the lines that could have made my blog interesting and eternal. That’s when I decided to stop. I felt senseless with my own words. No stories came up. I really had to stop. I stopped.
Now, for unknown reasons, I’m back. Hopefully, my writing sense hasn’t faded and my narrating style has improved. I’d do my best for you not to get bored reading my stuff. Just, don’t hesitate to make comments. What you have to say would be very important for me and my blog. Thank you. J