Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just In Dreams

The light flickers wavering to rest
The sound fade in a swirl of rainbow melody
Black to white, the scenery seems to blur
The night is young but the mind wants to defer
The forces that be pull the soul into the depths
With a shuddering thud the eyes succumb into like death
Then stands in a disarray of pictures, that life seem to awaken
Trying to grasp what there is that in reality cannot happen
Searching for meaning in that never ending darkness
With a suffocating feeling when time ceased to pass
Then flashes that life which seems so alive
In an altering dimension where hopes reside
The hue blinds trying, wanting to deceive
The sight rushes the eyes wanting to believe
Then the world shakes and everything is put to stop
The mind chases in memory the scenes from bottom to top
The sights turn to blur and in a swirl pull back to light
The eyes slowly open in the passing of the night

Monday, April 4, 2011

Moonlite Crash

The darkness creeps into the waters
as the night passes through the sea.
The hushed rustling of the wind defers
as the tide of the spring nears.

All in the deep glittered with the beam
as the bright moon scattered to its brim.
Then vanished everything with the glare
the sea reflecting the moons nightmare.

In thousand words came midnight's stare
the mighty sea crumbling through the rocks
From black to white the tide collide
With what of fear the water lacks

The wind starts howling with the moon sublime
In glinting strokes of zenith a passing
time was ticking in the sea's uprise
on the day the moon comes anew turning.

With the wind and the might the sea came crashing
Trying to reach that which kept shining
In a glimpse of darkness it turned to white
On its sparkling tears it breaks through the night.

And before the hour the moon did fall,
the day came shining with the light appall
the sea came screaming in all delight
waiting for the darkness to creep tonight

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Open End

It's apparent where the wind is blowing.
I never meant for it to end this way.
It sucks now that I feel that it should, that it would.
This can't be the end.
Not now, not today, not in any way.
But if it has to end, I'll accept it.
Just let all the grudges out,
And let it end knowing it didn't do so in bitterness

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It was rough
I tried to look tough
Never had it in me
so I tried to hide away
I kept it inside so I’d look OK
Said a few words
But I really never felt that way
The whole world tried to push me
Deep inside, I wanted it to stay
I wanted how the things were
When she never went away
But the feelings grew in me
And it tried to eat me, insane
Before I knew it,
I was killing my self slowly
Tearing myself to pieces,
It all made me empty
Now I’m jotting this words
By part by heart
It’s all I can do
To keep my head from frenzy
It’s all been a question in the past
A lingering issue
I thought would never last
Am I still sulking or
Have I moved on already?

And when I had the answer
all I felt was vague
Was I really over
or was I just playing tough
Was I dissatisfied
or did I have enough?
Did I feel low
knowing I had no control?
Did I want revenge
feeling I wasn’t loved at all?
I never knew what was coming
and I shunned the world away
I let it boil inside me
until it holed a way
The words clattered in my head
telling me things what not
There are things I could understand
and those which I cannot
And when my eyes were open
it suddenly dawned to me
I’m better off a friend
than what we used to be

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"Gumulo ang buhay ko dahil sa'yo!" kanina pa ako binabagabag ng mga salitang yan.
"Gumulo ang buhay ko dahil sa'yo!" 'di ko alam kung dapat ko bang paniwalaan, pero parang gusto ko na rin. Ang tagal ko na dapat kasing naiwasan 'to, nalampasan, pero bakit ganun? Sa tuwing malapit ko nang makamit ang kalayaan, sa tuwing malapit na kitang makalimutan, laging gumagawa ang pagkakataon ng bagay upang bumalik ang lahat, upang lalo pang tumindi, upang mapalapit pa ako lalo sa'yo.

Ayaw kong isipin na ito'y tadhana. Lalo akong nahihirapan na maka-move on pag yun ang iniisip ko. Lalo akong umaasa. Bakit nga ba ako umaasa? Ilang beses mo na rin sinabi sa'kin na wala kang nararamdaman sa'kin, na ayaw mong magkaroon tayo ng emosyonal na relasyon . Pero bakit parin ako umaasa? Ganoon na siguro ako katanga, laging umaasa sa bagay na wala, laging naghihintay sa bagay na di darating, lagi na lang. Ito nga ba yung "pagmamahal" o "kahangalan" lang?

Gusto ko nang bumitaw. Pero alam ko na di ko pa nagagawa ang kaya kong gawin. May magagawa pa ako, ngunit walang pagkakataon, o di ko makita ang pagkakataon. Sawa na rin ako sa lumilipas na pagkakataon. Kung magkaroon lang sana ulit.

"Gumulo ang buhay ko dahil sa'yo!" Hindi, ayaw ko maniwala. Sumaya nga buhay ko dahil sa'yo. Kaya siguro ayaw ko pa sumuko. Kaya di pa ako maka-move on. Kaya ayaw ko pa mag-move on. Takte yan!