Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just In Dreams

The light flickers wavering to rest
The sound fade in a swirl of rainbow melody
Black to white, the scenery seems to blur
The night is young but the mind wants to defer
The forces that be pull the soul into the depths
With a shuddering thud the eyes succumb into like death
Then stands in a disarray of pictures, that life seem to awaken
Trying to grasp what there is that in reality cannot happen
Searching for meaning in that never ending darkness
With a suffocating feeling when time ceased to pass
Then flashes that life which seems so alive
In an altering dimension where hopes reside
The hue blinds trying, wanting to deceive
The sight rushes the eyes wanting to believe
Then the world shakes and everything is put to stop
The mind chases in memory the scenes from bottom to top
The sights turn to blur and in a swirl pull back to light
The eyes slowly open in the passing of the night

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