Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays Evenings Mornings

Last Sunday was a pain in my ass. Actually, it was a pain on my ankle. 2 cactus thorns got stuck on my foot when I accidentally stepped on a cactus which once towered our hideous garden. Since the thorns were on an uncomfortable-to-reach area, I had to ask my mom to remove them. The thorns got stuck deep that my mom had to scrape/cut some layers of my skin to remove them. Good thing my foot's skin is thick.

Today is a cars show day at Pasay City but we missed attending it. We were expecting guests for a cooking demonstration at lunch time and they missed it the last minute. If only we were informed earlier, we could have rescheduled the cooking demonstration so as to be able to attend the car show. What a waste. Good thing there was free food.

Last Friday, we celebrated the anniversary of one of my orgs.It was the same day as the National Convention at Baguio of another one of my orgs. I had to choose attending the former since I had committed to it first, I knew I'd enjoy on it more, and I'd spend on it less. But I really wanted to go to the latter since I also had to run some errands near where the Convention was held. But it has all been done and my only regret was that I lost the contest I joined in the anniversary celebration because I didn't prepare that much. Good thing there was booze after!

After the anniversary celebration last friday, I and my good, smart, quiet, weird and new friends headed straight to one of the locally renown beer house(I'm not sure what to call it) near the vicinity. Because everybody missed everybody else, everyone else was talking. And since almost everyone was, soon after, under the influence of alcohol, stories were getting interesting and conversations were growing intense. I just listened though I got bored somewhere in between when my mouth ceased to spell out some words. Good thing I had something to play with.

The rest of the week's been a fun affair for me. One morning, I was helping a friend look for a place to move in to when we came upon this peculiar all-girls boarding house. We were having a tour on the said boarding house when a guy went out on one of the "many" rooms. A few moments after that a girl with a wide smile or a weird grin came out of the same room. Now that's an interesting all-girls boarding house!
Another morning, I was in one tambayan when i was supposed to be in class. I was late in class and since it was class policy that late comers shouldn't be allowed to enter the class room, I just called it a day and decided not to attend class, which I actually enjoyed doing specially in the past.
Another morning, I was off to go home with my good friend.
Good thing!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Stuff

Thoughts keep racing through my head as I ran through notifications on my different social net working accounts.

Manny Pacquiao just won another title in boxing and I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to watch the live telecast because we aren't subscribed to any cable company, the delayed telecast because we were busy attending an exhibit at Pasay, and a replay because not one(or so I think) among the stations our T.V. antenna could receive did a telecast. I really want to see why people with access to the live telecast at the exhibit a while ago were shouting and cheering or jeering.

We were arranging a rock pile in our fishpond for our pet turtle to rest on when i found out that one(or two) of 3 of my brother's newly bought fish had its(their) head(s)'s bitten of by another fish and I had to rescue,remove and relocate the other(last) one which already had two big carnivore-fish bite on its side; something similar to the slice my mom usually makes on a tilapia before she would fry it. I'm really hoping it could survive to grow big enough and have its revenge on the culprit.

The reason we missed the Pacquiao-Cotto match was because we attended the Philconstruct expo, an exhibit of different construction materials for interior design, structural, and mining work. We went there because we were looking for cheap stuff my brother could add up to the lumber and hardware store my father is setting up for him. I felt a bit jealous and irritated because I actually planned that to be my business in the near future. But anyway, I'd be very glad for my brother to be a part of a business that would be in line with my dream profession. I'm really hoping for his success.

At the exhibit, I fell in love. Fell in love with a truck, a ten wheeler dump truck! I dream that in the future, I'd have a ready-mix-cement plant, a fleet of dump trucks, and a hollow block factory. For now, grades and attitude pull me far from that dream. I need a personality change!

I've been searching for a text book that, at the famous local bookstore, costs more than 10k. I've tried to search it on the internet and so far, the cheapest way I could procure it is if I know someone in Europe, who plans to go back to the Philippines in a week, and ask him to buy the book for me.

Yesterday, one of my dad's office staff brought her daughter to work. As she was introducing her to me, I unconsciously over-smiled in a way my sister described as exaggeratedly cute. Talk about flirting.

Last night, I had a weird dream. I liked the dream. Then again, the dream made me feel empty. I think, it's time I got serious with my life, and,,, my love life!(Ew. haha)

A while ago, I was thinking of a song the title of which I do not know but the lyrics I slightly recall. When I was about to search for the song, I forgot the lyrics. Sigh.

Last Thursday, we were at school waiting for some people when my good friend began teasing me on an account of a misinterpreted deed. I felt annoyed and didn't want to talk. Later that night, as we were drinking our lives to unconsciousness, this good friend of mine began crying into self destruction for a reason I can't really comprehend. I tried to comfort her. I'm still annoyed.

Tomorrow is gonna be a new day for me. I can't wait for the new things to happen. Hopefully, there would be some to amuse me.