Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays Evenings Mornings

Last Sunday was a pain in my ass. Actually, it was a pain on my ankle. 2 cactus thorns got stuck on my foot when I accidentally stepped on a cactus which once towered our hideous garden. Since the thorns were on an uncomfortable-to-reach area, I had to ask my mom to remove them. The thorns got stuck deep that my mom had to scrape/cut some layers of my skin to remove them. Good thing my foot's skin is thick.

Today is a cars show day at Pasay City but we missed attending it. We were expecting guests for a cooking demonstration at lunch time and they missed it the last minute. If only we were informed earlier, we could have rescheduled the cooking demonstration so as to be able to attend the car show. What a waste. Good thing there was free food.

Last Friday, we celebrated the anniversary of one of my orgs.It was the same day as the National Convention at Baguio of another one of my orgs. I had to choose attending the former since I had committed to it first, I knew I'd enjoy on it more, and I'd spend on it less. But I really wanted to go to the latter since I also had to run some errands near where the Convention was held. But it has all been done and my only regret was that I lost the contest I joined in the anniversary celebration because I didn't prepare that much. Good thing there was booze after!

After the anniversary celebration last friday, I and my good, smart, quiet, weird and new friends headed straight to one of the locally renown beer house(I'm not sure what to call it) near the vicinity. Because everybody missed everybody else, everyone else was talking. And since almost everyone was, soon after, under the influence of alcohol, stories were getting interesting and conversations were growing intense. I just listened though I got bored somewhere in between when my mouth ceased to spell out some words. Good thing I had something to play with.

The rest of the week's been a fun affair for me. One morning, I was helping a friend look for a place to move in to when we came upon this peculiar all-girls boarding house. We were having a tour on the said boarding house when a guy went out on one of the "many" rooms. A few moments after that a girl with a wide smile or a weird grin came out of the same room. Now that's an interesting all-girls boarding house!
Another morning, I was in one tambayan when i was supposed to be in class. I was late in class and since it was class policy that late comers shouldn't be allowed to enter the class room, I just called it a day and decided not to attend class, which I actually enjoyed doing specially in the past.
Another morning, I was off to go home with my good friend.
Good thing!

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