Friday, September 26, 2008

my 3rd report

It was early the morning of September 18. I woke very early time because I had to finish our 4th field work report due the next day. I had no plans on passing it on the deadline so I decided that I should have finished it before afternoon so I could pass it early next morning. I had plans that night so I really had to finish it before going to school or at least before afternoon. At first I thought I could finish it in an hour so I wouldn’t be missing any class. Unfortunately, I had to skip three of my classes before I finished the paper.
After finishing the report I had it printed at a cyber cafĂ© near our apartment. Then, I received an e-mail containing the format of the report which I also printed. Attending my last class I met my classmate on the subject that required the report. Proudly, I told him of the report due the next day which I’ve already finished. He was absent the day the report was announced so he asked me to teach him how the report was to be done. I obliged myself savouring a time when I’m actually “smarter” than a classmate.
As the professor discussed biology, I discussed what I knew of the field work report. After all, it was just a simple concept of computing stuff. Then, as I browsed the printed report format, I noticed a date which as if spat in my face: date of submission: September 26! My pride went into shambles! I cursed myself for overlooking a simple detail! What was due the next day was actually the 3rd field work report! Then, I looked at my classmate and just laughed “silently”
I wasted my time missing 3 classes at the near end of the semester just to finish a 4-hour-manageable report that is due in a week just because I overlooked time. Oh well.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Second Coming

One of my biggest frustrations as a “writer” is this: making an article on the spot. Like I said in my previous article, I’m really not a writer so I can’t really summon words into my page whenever I want them. I wait for the words to accumulate and form sense. In short, I wait for inspiration. Maybe this is the reason why I failed with my first blog. It took my inspiration a year or so before the words formed in my mind again. And by that time, I’ve already forgotten the username and password to my previous account.
That was my mistake.
This is what I admire about those true-blue, tried-and-tested writers. They are able to write articles anytime, anywhere, or so I think. Maybe that’s why they are called wordsmiths: beings that are able to manipulate words, thoughts and the like. I want to be a wordsmith. I want to express what I feel; what I think, what I want to say, in tongues not foreign to the majority. I want to share half of my mind to the world in channels understandable and entertaining to the majority.
As ideas explode in my head like easy-to-cook popcorn rattling in a microwave oven, I sit here typing empty words that would be filled with the thoughts in your microwave oven.