Monday, September 1, 2008

The Second Coming

One of my biggest frustrations as a “writer” is this: making an article on the spot. Like I said in my previous article, I’m really not a writer so I can’t really summon words into my page whenever I want them. I wait for the words to accumulate and form sense. In short, I wait for inspiration. Maybe this is the reason why I failed with my first blog. It took my inspiration a year or so before the words formed in my mind again. And by that time, I’ve already forgotten the username and password to my previous account.
That was my mistake.
This is what I admire about those true-blue, tried-and-tested writers. They are able to write articles anytime, anywhere, or so I think. Maybe that’s why they are called wordsmiths: beings that are able to manipulate words, thoughts and the like. I want to be a wordsmith. I want to express what I feel; what I think, what I want to say, in tongues not foreign to the majority. I want to share half of my mind to the world in channels understandable and entertaining to the majority.
As ideas explode in my head like easy-to-cook popcorn rattling in a microwave oven, I sit here typing empty words that would be filled with the thoughts in your microwave oven.

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jrldizon said...

I think the only way to become a good writer is to be a good and extensive reader as well. That's how you learn and eventually discover your own style eh. Besides, what will you write about if you don't know much, right?

While it is true that certain people are just more gifted in writing than others. Pero kere lang, nadedevelop naman yan. Hindi mo kailangan makipag-compete, kung ang goal mo naman is to just express yourself well.