Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My Christmas Presents          


Another year is ending as usual, yet unusually ending a bit nostalgically.

You see, every time a new year ends, I enthusiastically look forward to the new year that is to come.

Now, I can help but feel doubtful of the coming year.

I enjoyed the ending year so much that I keep on looking back and holding back to what now is the past.

The closing year is the best I’ve ever head since high school and I can’t stop myself from hugging it so closely to my memories. For God’s sake I can’t leave the past!

What a very pleasant year it was!

So now, I’m thanking all the people who’ve made the year special, those who made me feel life at its finest (for now.)



The Great Ambivalent Poets,

            Thanks for the great year behind us. All the escapades to explore the world we never experienced during high school were the best!


The Noisy people by the photocopying station near the women’s C.R,

            Thanks for another year of service. May we stay strong amidst indifferences!


The Batch “masikan”

            Another year strong for our batch, another year stronger awaits!


The Free-Wi-Fi boys,

            9 months under one roof, more months still to come!


The Nike Bag from somewhere,

            The newest to my circle, thanks. May you always be generous and kind as you always are.


The Vans Bag for Shoes

            The smallest of them all, thanks for being always there. May you be as you always are to me.


The reason-for-Tanduay, Flojos, Lending “Investor”

            No comment. Haha. Thanks for all the generosity, kindness, sweetness, humor, understanding, consideration and patience. May you lend me more in the future!


The parents and siblings,

            The year was the worst I’ve ever experienced with you yet it was the sweetest. Thanks for being strong. I could have lost it if it weren’t for your strength and all. May the future be a stronger one for us.



The One “up there”

            You made the year so special for me. thanks for all the blessings. Thanks for all the people. Thanks for all.