Monday, April 4, 2011

Moonlite Crash

The darkness creeps into the waters
as the night passes through the sea.
The hushed rustling of the wind defers
as the tide of the spring nears.

All in the deep glittered with the beam
as the bright moon scattered to its brim.
Then vanished everything with the glare
the sea reflecting the moons nightmare.

In thousand words came midnight's stare
the mighty sea crumbling through the rocks
From black to white the tide collide
With what of fear the water lacks

The wind starts howling with the moon sublime
In glinting strokes of zenith a passing
time was ticking in the sea's uprise
on the day the moon comes anew turning.

With the wind and the might the sea came crashing
Trying to reach that which kept shining
In a glimpse of darkness it turned to white
On its sparkling tears it breaks through the night.

And before the hour the moon did fall,
the day came shining with the light appall
the sea came screaming in all delight
waiting for the darkness to creep tonight

1 comment:

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