Saturday, March 21, 2009

Huling El Bimbo

This is a delayed blog which I was supposed to post some weeks ago.

We were going back to the DMST complex from Q.C. Memorial Circle when my friend texted me. It was past 4 then when she asked me where I was. Right, tonight will be the Eraserheads concert and we're(me, Anj, Fergie and Carlo) gonna watch. Almost 2 hours before our scheduled departure and I'm still reluctant to come for some reasons. First, I'm really not into Eraserheads. Sure they're famous if not legendary, but I really can't convince my self why they should be. Second, I already want to go home to Pampanga. If it wasn't for Fergie who already bought the tickets 5 days ago, I wouldn,t have committed to coming. It's too late to back out so what the heck! A night with my good friends should be better than just idling on my bed at home(though i could really use some rest). After resting from the tiring CWTS training and cleaning up a bit, I went to Ipil residence hall to meet them all. After some time when we were complete, we went to the MRT station and headed to M.O.A. An hour's worth of travelling standing has made my leg's a bit sore so I felt relaxed (is this the right term?) when we got off the transit and were seated at the jeepney to the mall. Despite the daughter of mykatabi nakakandong sa paa ko, I was glad that I was now seated. By the time we arrived at the concert grounds (or field), all the good spots were already taken.(or so we thought) Because our money could only afford the general ad pass, we were positioned at the farthest space the enclosed field accommodated so we only depended on the LCD projections of the show. What we later realised was that the best spot to stay in on the space of the field allotted for us was the backmost part of the field where all the LCD projections were visible and all the air we wanted was available. No one had to push anyone so they could pass. No one had to stand on toes to see what the LCD showed. Everything was visible. The show actually started a few minutes before we found the spot so we missed some good parts from what was showed by the LCD projectors. Anyway, we were on a better part so we just enjoyed every bit.

The show started with an AVP featuring interviews with the band members care of MTV Philippines. Then came the start of the concert; something that of which failed to mesmerize me. The beginning was a bit lagging, lacking on impact that I thought “ito na ba yun?” disappointed. Soon, every band member was given a chance to sing. One thing I won’t forget is Marcus singing “Huwag Mo nang Itanong” in a reggae-like fashion. As the show went on, my disappointment was turning to admiration. I was beginning to get entranced by their music. After about ten songs, there was a break. I thought it should last about 15 minutes because shows usually don’t set long breaks especially when it’s getting a bit climactic. During the break, advertisements from the main sponsors were aired on the projectors. 15 minutes have passed; they’re still playing the advertisements. 20 minutes and the advertisements have been repeatedly played for more than 5 times. I was getting impatient and irritated at the advertisements because at that point, they were played for the nth time! Others got busy buying food and stuff while my friends were enjoying “carrying and picture taking” time which took my attention for one moment and eased me of my irritation. After a few more minutes, the show continued. At one point, Superproxy and Kaleidoscope World were sung in tribute of the late Francis M. who recently passed away. Chills ran through the back of my neck as Ely shouted “Francis! Francis! Francis!” and was enjoined by the crowd. After each song that followed the tribute, the feeling was becoming intense. The crowd was singing and the others were jumping. Soon, the show had to end, so for the grand finale, “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, probably their most famous song was sung. The energy was so high that I can’t accept that the show was to end. And to end everything, there was a fireworks display at the opposite end of the field. Everything was astig that I was wishing there would be another concert. The performers all have left the stage and we were getting out of the field and into the mall. Then we heard someone ask “bitin ba?” in the microphone. At first I thought it was a joke. Then I realized people were rushing back into the field as Ely announced they’d be singing three more “for the road”  We then just settled beside the stage as they sang their three last songs. People were again jumping and we could feel the intensity because the ground was literally shaking as if a magnitude 4 earthquake was occurring. Then, it was the end. We went to the mall to find a place to have our dinner though it was already around midnight. We chose Don Henrico’s because we all agree on pasta and pizza and we have always planned dining there and we thought it was the fastest, etc. To our disappointment, it took about 20 minutes for our drinks to be served and another ten minutes for our pasta and pizza. The biggest let down was that two of us ordered iced tea (mine bottomless) but they ran out of ice so our iced tea were just normal tea with a dash of honey and citrus. Sigh. Still, we were gracious for the meal. Soon it was time to go home. Past midnight and many people were waiting for the city buses heading to wherever they’re headed. We waited for a bus that was headed to Fairview. All the buses were full but we were lucky to be chanced by one that has just about ten passengers. We were seated! The ride from the mall to Philcoa took 40+ minutes. Everyone was drowsy and tired so we slept at the trip, but I tried to wake up every once in a while to make sure we haven’t gone past Philcoa. Upon arrival at our house, I didn't feel tired. It was I think 2:00am and I was planning to leave for Pampanga at 3:30 but for a friend who slept over, I stayed till she would be able to go back to her dorm. I think I was able to sleep for at least an hour and that was all the rest I needed to be able to go to the bus terminal for a bus ride home.

Looking back at what happened, I felt glad that I pushed myself to come to the concert. No rest could fill the energy I felt during and after the concert. 3 days and I was still mesmerized and in awe. Now, I’m really into Eraserheads and I could say that they’re LEGENDARY!

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