Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hail Drunkards

Hours before my exam at U.P. H.I., I was reminiscing some drunk time with a few new friends.

Watching a show at ABS-CBN while browsing at my favorite web sites, an entry from a good friend caught my attention. It was a blog which I didn't pretty much bother to comprehend until I came across a narration of sort about that night we spent with Ate Leni, Kuya Mike, Marky and Carlos. It was only a short statement but it seemingly sent my mind flashing back to that 4 hours of drunk spiritedness. 
It was a wednesday night filled with emotions and stuff. After dinner at Technohub care of Ferg, we went to a "famous" videoke bar somewhere at KNL heights; me and Anj. They were already there; Ate Leni, Kuya Mike, Marky, and Carlos. They've already had some bottles and were talking about somethings. I only had a bottle when I started feeling tipsy.Still Still, Carlos was able to persuade me on taking another bottle. Soon, everyone was bombarding anyone else a few intriguing questions. Then came an issue on sexuality brought up by one of them. Obviuosly, most of us were getting drunk because their arguement on the issue was getting someplace nowhere near sensible. Even an innocent cockroach passing by failed to escape the wrath of what was supposedly an arguement between 4 people. Everything was getting hilarious until beer stopped being served and the conversant were getting weary. We then decided to while away our tipsiness somwhere at Philcoa. 
We ordered some Batchoy, fries, and chicken. At some point, things were getting messy. Someone spilled one of the bowls of batchoy and ruined another by mixing it with a spoon filled with ketchup. Hilarious I say!
It's these times that problems are somehow whiled away by drinking; problems that are actually argued with less sensibility when analysis is overcomed by emotions and stuff. At that moment, my head was filled with nothing except the moment. Carlos getting weirdly uncomposed, ate Leni and Marky eating their one piece chicken meal, anj sipping her bowl of soup, and me, munching on some fries and laughing while looking at my side and feeling my head getting heavier. 

I looked at the time and decided, it's time to review some more. 3 more hours before the exam!

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