Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stand OuT Day

Halloween in me has passed.
Cold wind blow away as I pass
Winter start chilling my phase.
I grumble, I count the passing of days.

I walk along in blue
Carrying the burden I always new.
Regret as I always did in the past,
Fills me with bitterness I know will last.

Cared I never honestly did much,
For others I knew till there was such.
Despising my duties as time ticks,
Till now it end as such should speak.

Confusion rides me going in circles,
As such speak, my mind tingles.
With all that’s happened I patiently wait
Till dawn of day sweet words such say.

Interest grow fonder as weeks rest,
Spending a lifetime a night at best.
Serving with such a light heart sensation,
As night falls, my soul in elation.

Chanced upon me I’ll never waste.
The second one I wouldn’t hate.
To such my chest would pound alive.
To one until my day arrive.

By side, I am with open arms,
Blinded by childish wonder charms.
Such need nothing more of a call,
Wait I will till such will fall.

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