Monday, November 24, 2008

The 8 Deadly Sin

Everyone should be familiar with the deadly sins. Gluttony, sloth, greed, lust, etc. etc.; these sins, as taught by the Christian community, should cause death to anyone doing it in excess. Actually, everything done in excess should more or less cause death. Excessive drinking could cause blood poisoning. Excessive smoking could cause lung cancer. Excessive spending could eat up all your money till you get sick and die without having the chance to go to the hospital. Excessive talking could cause someone getting angry to a point where he decides to kill you. Seriously, anything that’s too much will kill you… which brings me to something I’d like to call the 8 deadly sin.
The “8” plate is a car plate issued by the LTO to congressmen. It’s like a status symbol for cars bought by tax money in an illegal but seemingly legal way. Maybe you’re wondering what the fuss is all about. The president has a special plate. All high ranking officials have exclusive plates. Even we could have our special plates. Here’s the picture. Every region in the country has more congressmen than there are honest politicians, and because each of these congressmen could own cars as many as their concubines and relatives, we could just imagine how many of these 8 plates roam our roads today. It’s the most common plate that ravages our roads of today. But that really isn’t the biggest problem, at first.
In theory, these plates are used in order to identify the car as owned by a government official. And their purpose end there. Sadly, it doesn’t. The “8” plate today is considered a privilege pass. Any car with the said plate could easily break rules and go away with punishment. Any car with this privilege could over speed, counter flow, endlessly honk at responsible drivers, pull over other people’s cars, beat the red light, use prohibited lanes, and even hit others, without getting more than a wink from the witnessing law enforcer. And it doesn’t end there. Any enforcer who tries to apply the law to these cars bearing the stupid plate would be in danger of getting fired from his job anytime there after. There was this instance when an 8-plate-car hit a person killing him in the process. The car got away without the owner getting identified.
It’s an excessive abuse of power that causes this to happen. As such, I call that the use of the 8-plate should be included in the list of deadly sins. Anybody bearing this plate, sooner or later, could be a hazard to people. And so, dare I pray, whoever should wield the sinful plate be punished severely!

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